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Dr. Marc Oliver

My Story

Dr. Marc Oliver

I was told as a teenager,

“Nobody your age has this kind of severe back pain.”

My journey on the way to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic started in the 9th grade. My back pain was on and off, ranging from mild to severe. During one particular episode of back pain, I happened to be in Physical Education class trying to run laps around the track while tears were rolling down my face. I told the coach, a real “sensitive” former Marine Corps Drill Instructor, that I couldn’t run around the track. The response from the coach was “nobody your age has this kind of severe back pain”. He later accused me of faking my pain in order to be excused from class…and gave me a low grade on my report card for the semester. Later, while in my twenties, I had another severe episode of back pain and went to an Orthopedic Surgeon seeking help. Basically, the surgeon told me that I would have physical limitations for the rest of my life, and that I would need to stay on strong pain medication indefinitely.

Boy, were they all wrong!

I just wish that I had known then what I know now. Chiropractic care ended up being the total solution to my problem! To this day, many years later, I have no physical limitations and absolutely no aches or pains.

More Information About My Chiropractic Practice

Educational Background

I am a graduate of the University of South Florida, having earned a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences. My Doctor of Chiropractic Degree is fromLife Chiropractic College [Life University] in Atlanta. Also, I am a diplomat of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. My Tennessee license as a [Board Certified] Chiropractic Physician has been active since 1988. I have maintained an exemplary record, per documentation with the Tennessee Board of Chiropractic, covering my entire career. Since being licensed, I have continued my education through numerous post-graduate courses…in addition to receiving various awards and certifications.

Philosophy and Core Beliefs

Starting back in 1987, upon first entering practice, I quickly learned something from my patients that would always remain with me and that is: patients don’t care how much the doctor knows, until they know how much the doctor cares! Hence, the phrase that serves as our foundation is:

“Care and concern for you is our practice”

We have a long-held policy with regard to how we treat our patients/practice members, and this separates us from most other chiropractic practices. That long-held policy is that WE BELIEVE IN AFFORDABLE CHIROPRACTIC CARE FOR EVERYONE!

Friendly, Caring, and Focused Doctor

We strongly believe in the virtues of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Our fees and treatment recommendations are guided by our Christian perspective. We love our patients/practice members. Our practice is the place where everyone gets “Red Carpet Treatment”.

I would rather talk about you

Enough about me for a while. Most importantly, I am looking forward to meeting you real soon to discuss your specific health goals, and how we may be of service to YOU. Please give us a call so that we can help you in taking your first step towards better health.