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Pamela Eagen, Nashville

I was the worst skeptic in the world!

I began to have incredible pain, ache, tingling and numbness in my right elbow and hand intermittently three years ago. The pain would mysteriously occur and just as mysteriously disappear… until it happened again the first of the year. However, this time it did not disappear, it became increasingly painful with each passing day. For ten solid weeks I had very little use of my hand, and my elbow ached like a bad tooth. I got only about two hours sleep a night and I paced the floor the remainder of the night in tears. My rheumatologist insisted that a nerve was trapped in the joint of my right elbow and I would probably need surgery to release it. I decided I would give chiropractic a try before I took such extreme measures. I can’t tell you what a difference Dr. Oliver has made in my life! After ten treatments, my pain and discomfort are reduced by at least 90%. Dr. Oliver explained my x-rays to me and made me aware that the source of my pain was not caused from the elbow but from a severe neck problem. I began to feel better after just one treatment but I still was not sold (it was just coincidence?). With each treatment I feel better and better. It’s like a miracle!

Dr. Oliver truly wants to relieve your pain, trust him. He is very skilled, kind and friendly. He has had first hand experience of the kind of pain we suffer. May you have as much success with Dr. Oliver as I have! THANK YOU DR. OLIVER, you’re the Greatest!

Deborah Tuuk, Hendersonville

For the past 5 years, I had experienced occasional numbness in my left arm, hand, and left leg. The numbness had become more intense and was starting to occur almost everyday. I always assumed that this was not treatable because my family doctor attributed it to a possible blood circulation disorder.
As the numbness became constant on a daily basis, I decided that I needed to try another avenue of treatment. My husband had recently begun chiropractic care with Dr. Marc Oliver… but I remained a skeptic of this sort of treatment.

Then, one day, my husband asked me to come along with him to a spinal care workshop that was being given by Dr. Oliver. After listening to what he had to say, I decided to make an appointment with him for a consultation and spinal exam. During the consultation he explained why I was having these problems and the approach that he would take with my case. I decided to go ahead with his recommendations. After he took the x-rays, I began with chiropractic care.

Now, after only 8 treatments from Dr. Oliver, I haven’t experienced any numbness!! This is amazing to me when considering the fact that I had this numbness everyday for what seemed like forever. I am presently seeing Dr. Oliver on a regular schedule just to maintain these results. I am now able to enjoy walking the golf course with my husband, as well as going about my daily work without any discomfort.

Jim Sullivan, Nashville

For the past 10 years (and up until recently) I used chiropractic for an occasional “pop” in the neck when had pain… or when I felt that I needed it. Then I would go merrily along my way and feel good for a while. However, stiffness in my neck and sharp pain going down to my shoulders would return in a matter of weeks or months. I thought that was the way things were supposed to be as a condition of aging.
Education time! When I met Dr. Oliver he gave me a brief spinal exam and consultation. After the spinal exam he said that x-rays were necessary in order to see the condition of my neck and to determine why stiffness and sharp pain in my neck and shoulders were persisting. He also explained how getting treatment on a more regular basis would be more beneficial to me than viewing chiropractic as an occasional “pop” in the neck when I felt that I needed it. At first, I resisted because I didn’t want to spend the money. I skeptically agreed to the treatment schedule that he outlined for me.

Now, I can truthfully say that I feel about a 95% recovery in my neck and shoulders. I used to think about my pain and stiffness all the time… I don’t anymore. I can also say that I am now more knowledgeable about chiropractic and how to take care of my back and neck after attending Dr. Oliver’s spinal care workshop.

Patsy Gregory, Shelbyville

Over the past several years, I have had bad headaches… which were getting progressively worse. During the past four months alone, I had a constant headache for all but maybe 7 days total. They were so bad that I finally went to a neurologist for help… he just prescribed pain medication along with anti-depressant drugs. Two weeks later, the headaches were so severe that I went to another medical doctor. This time C.A.T. scan x-rays were taken, they analyzed my blood, did more tests, etc. Finally, I was given another prescription. I was put on a stronger pain medication. I have been at the same place of employment for 21 years and have never missed time due to illness. However, all of this forced me to miss a week of work.
Even though I had never experienced chiropractic care before, I still had the idea that it probably wasn’t very effective. I was very skeptical about whether it could help my problem, but I also figured that I had nothing to lose.

By this point, I was in excruciating pain. A friend told me that she once had a problem similar to mine, and decided to go to a chiropractor for help. It proved to be successful in getting rid of her headaches. I decided to call a chiropractor here in town, Dr. Marc Oliver, to give it a try.

After the first chiropractic treatment, I felt a big difference! The headache pain was not as severe, and the frequency of my headaches was much less. Now, even though I’ve only had about 10 treatments, I feel that all of my symptoms are about 90% improved. However, I realize that my neck still needs more corrective care. I hope that my experience will prompt others to try chiropractic. I tried everything else, and found it to be the most effective.

James R. Hunt, Mundelein

I felt compelled to write this because of the success which I have enjoyed under the chiropractic care of Dr. Marc Oliver. His recommendations and solutions to my physical problems were honest, accurate, and effective.
Although I have always been a believer in the more natural approach to healing which chiropractic provides, I admit I was a bit skeptical of the initial program suggested and the frequency of the early visits. However, as my body began to respond to the therapy and adjustments, Dr. Oliver was true to his word and cut back on the treatments. As a result, I was not locked into a program of frequent, unnecessary, and costly treatments, even though I probably would have agreed to them as I was already a satisfied patient.

Now I only receive treatments occasionally, to keep my problems from returning, and I can honestly say that although I suffered with daily pain for many months prior to Dr. Oliver’s care, that pain has never returned.

Margaret Clanton, Hendersonville

Over the past 5 years, I’ve had problems with my neck and arms. In addition to neck pain, I have had severe problems with pain and numbness in my right arm. During the past four years, the pain has been unbearable.
I have been to several medical doctors here in town. I have been given various muscle relaxer drugs and pain medication. none of it helped. Finally, I went to a neurosurgeon for help. Extensive CAT-Scan x-rays were taken. I was told that I have pinches nerves in my neck. and that the only solution for me would be a radical neck surgery. I didn’t want that.

Recently, my husband had been having some pain in his neck and shoulder. He decided to go to a chiropractor here in town for help. He made an appointment with Dr. Marc Oliver. After a few treatments, my husband was much better. He then told Dr. Oliver about my case. An appointment was made for me. I don’t know why, but I was very skeptical and reluctant to even try chiropractic care.

Now, after only five treatments, I can’t tell you how happy I am that the appointment was made and that I was brought to Dr. Oliver. All of the pain in my neck and arm is gone. All the numbness in my hand and arm is gone. I no longer have to take medication.

I hope that by sharing my experience it will encourage others to try chiropractic care. I have found chiropractic care to be a totally painless treatment.

Tammy Hardaway, Hendersonville

For the last 3 years I have been suffering with mid-back pain. I have trouble getting comfortable when sleeping and my job requires me to sit for long periods of time which increases the pain.
I went to my regular medical doctor and he referred me to an orthopedic specialist. The specialist gave me pills to take for pain and also gave me a shot of steroids in my back. The shot made my back sore for 3 days and the pills did not ease the pain.

I have several friends that go to chiropractors so I decided to try it even though I was still skeptical.

I came to see Dr. Oliver and he examined my back and took x-rays of my back and neck.

After several visits with Dr. Oliver, I could feel a great improvement. I am more comfortable at work and my pain is getting less and less. I know that I am benefiting from chiropractic care and I would encourage any and everyone to at least try. It really has worked for me!

Jonathan Smithson, Franklin

Even a skeptic can change his mind.
No wonder I’ve suffered from back pain on and off for over 30 years. And, like so many others, I would not consider going to a chiropractor.

Finally, in the fall of 1989, my very athletic daughter said, “Dad, don’t be so hardheaded. Chiropractic certainly helped me. Remember all of the problems I had when I was playing basketball in high school? Why don’t you at least go see a Chiropractor and give it a try?”

Who says that you can’t learn from your children? I certainly did. I took my daughter’s advice and had a thorough chiropractic examination.

Today, I have learned how to stay a jump ahead of my problem with a maintenance program. Now, I come in for an adjustment and therapy once or twice a month. Do I still get back pains? Yes, occasionally, but now I also know how to get rid of them in a hurry! Thanks, Dr. Oliver.

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