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It all began when I was 22 years old, my tailbone began to hurt. It hurt so bad that I had difficulty sitting for long periods of time. My first visit was to a neurosurgeon. He told me that I had an elongated tailbone, the tip of which needed to be removed. At my father’s recommendation, I ran as fast as I could to the nearest chiropractor’s office…and I was glad that I did. Dr. Oliver, I must say, is one of the finest doctors [medical or chiropractic] that I have ever met. He is a very compassionate individual who genuinely wants to improve the quality of his patient’s lives. Perhaps his compassion comes partly from his own back-related horror stories. I believe that his compassion also comes from his heart. If I want to maintain a quality pain-free lifestyle, I will need to follow Dr. Oliver’s recommendations. I trust his recommendations.

-Maribeth Shanley

Several years ago, I started developing a lower back problem. Like most people, I put off any kind of treatment, thinking that it would go away. It did, for a while. As the years went on, it became more severe. I went to a medical doctor a couple of times and it was said to be a strained muscle. I was prescribed muscle relaxers. The problem was still there. For the past 6 months, my back pain had become unbearable. I had heard of chiropractic and decided to go for real help. I came in to see Dr. Oliver and after several Adjustments, I began to feel like a new person. It was such a relief after each treatment. Everything is beginning to get back on track, thanks to Dr. Oliver.

-Gina Wingo

My job involves a lot of heavy lifting. I was suffering with pain in my hips, knees, shoulders, lower back, middle back, and neck. I had been suffering with this for more than 10 years, and had gone to a dozen different types of doctors to try to get relief. All the medical doctors prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers. On several occasions I had been injected with very painful shots deep in the shoulder joints…all with no results. After spending a lot of money and losing a lot of time at work, I finally made the best decision of my life. Dr. Oliver relieved much of my pain with the very first Adjustment. I plan on continuing chiropractic care with Dr. Oliver, even though the pain has subsided, for my better health and well-being. It is imperative that you have a healthy body and mind, not only in my line of work, but probably in your’s also.

-Henry Retherford

I was experiencing considerable pain in my mid-back. It felt as though someone was tightening screws in my muscles. Simple things like stooping over, and running the vacuum cleaner was difficult for me. I was having neck stiffness along with numbness in my arms , too. Sitting at my desk at work was very painful. I couldn’t turn my head enough to back up my car. I enjoy horseback riding, but with the problems in my back and neck, I could do very little of it. I decided that chiropractic care would be the treatment to correct my problems. Dr. Oliver took Xrays of my back and neck. It showed many of the spinal bones out of line. Now, after 10 weeks of treatment, my spine is back in line. I can now do all of my normal activities without pain, stiffness, or numbness. I can turn my head and ride horseback once again.

-Margaret Brandon

I was in such a bad condition and severe pain that simple walking or standing was pure agony. Cooking and housework were almost impossible. In the mornings, after I awoke, it would take me 20 minutes to get out of bed and another 2 hours to get my legs and back into some kind of working order. At this point, I met Dr. Oliver. I was suffering from severe pain in my low back which radiated down the front and back of my right leg. I suffered with this condition for at least 4 weeks. The pain was so severe that suicide was beginning to look like my only relief. After examining the Xray films, Dr. Oliver showed and explained them to me. After a handful of treatments, I am very pleased to say that the pain is greatly relieved and that I am able to get out of bed, walk, and stand. When the spine is misaligned, your entire body is affected whether or not you suffer with pain. It can cause pain or elevate your blood pressure, cause loss of mobility, and finally can alter your mood. I would like to say a heartfelt “thank you Dr. Oliver”.

-Haley Perry

I am employed as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital. I’ve experienced recurring pain in my lower back and legs for the past 5 years. This pain has ranged from moderate to severe. Each episode has caused me to lose time from work, as well as personal time with my family and friends. Over the past 5 years, several medical doctors have diagnosed my problem as being everything from a back strain to a bulging disc. Their treatment consisted of muscle relaxants and pills for the pain. These drugs relieved the pain temporarily, but they also caused me to be drowsy and unable to function. I was aware of chiropractic, but had never inquired about it’s effectiveness. I decided to call Dr. Oliver for an appointment. I was seen by him that same day. I had a very professional consultation with him. During my consultation, Dr. Oliver and I viewed some Xray films of my lower spine that were taken recently at the hospital where I work. He explained my condition, and for the first time in 5 years, I was told what was really causing my pain and what could be done about it. By the end of treatment on Saturday morning, I felt no pain, no stiffness, no soreness. I could actually sit and stand erect. I felt wonderful! Dr. Oliver accomplished in 4 days, without the use of drugs, what I have been trying to achieve for the past 5 years. Even though I feel great, I realize that my need for treatment has not ended. Although Dr. Oliver found the cause of my pain I know, as a medical professional, that the best method of treatment is prevention! With Dr. Oliver’s expertise in chiropractic, I’m looking forward to life without back pain ever again.

-Dale Marshall

When I first came to see Dr. Oliver, I had a severe migraine headache. The pain was over my right eye, which seemed like a rubber mallet pounding my forehead. I was dizzy, nauseated, saw double, and couldn’t turn my head to the right. Three months ago, I had gone to a medical doctor who had given me two prescriptions for pain killers to take when I got these migraines. The pills would dull the severity of the pain, but I had to take them for 5 to 7 days to rid myself of headaches. On January 20th the pills just didn’t offer relief anymore. I DOUBLED the dose, but still no relief. With tears in my eyes, I picked up the phone and called for help. Dr. Oliver answered, heard the pain in my voice, and told me to come in to his office in order to see if he could relieve some of my pain. My husband came home from work and took me to Dr. Oliver’s office. While I was waiting to see him, I couldn’t help but cry from the pain. Soon, Dr. Oliver came in. We talked, and then he took X-rays of my neck. He then showed me the X-ray films and told me how out of alignment my upper neck was, which was causing the nerves to be compressed and resulting in headaches. He then made some Adjustments to my upper neck. When I got off the chiropractic table, I did NOT have a headache! I have been seeing Chiropractors, on and off, for 20 years. During the last 14 months, my husband and I moved from Nebraska, to Utah, then to Nashville. I was not under chiropractic care during this time. My seizures and headaches were starting to come back. Now, under Dr. Oliver’s care, I have the faith that the seizures and headaches will be eliminated totally again. I now feel happy and want to enjoy life with my family. Thank you, Dr. Oliver.

-Janet Jerrard

A year ago this month, I was involved in a 5 car accident. I went to a hospital where head, neck, and chest X-rays were taken to see if there were any broken bones. There were no broken bones, so I did not think that I was seriously hurt! However, I went a year not knowing the full extent of my injuries. Last month, I began to notice pain in my right shoulder area. Soon after, I could barely move my arm. While my shoulder was giving me pain, I was also breaking out in a very painful rash under my right arm. So I went to the medical doctor. He said that I had Herpes Zoster [Shingles] which is an inflammation of the nerve endings. He also said that there was nothing that he could really do for me except prescribe something for the pain. A friend of mine had told me about Dr. Marc Oliver and what he had done for her daughter. So, I decided to call him to see about getting help. I had a consultation, spinal exam, and some X-rays taken. He went over my X-rays and discussed my back problem with my husband and myself. He then recommended a treatment schedule. I went to his office for chiropractic care and therapy everyday straight that week. By the 6th Adjustment to my spine, there was a big improvement. The redness of the rash was drying up and the itching was going away. The burning sensation stopped. Also, the pain in my shoulder had gone away completely. I could move and bend. I was back to my old self again. My case of the Shingles was gone in less than 2 weeks…not the 6 to 8 weeks that that my medical doctor said that I could expect through taking prescription drugs. Now, I can go on vacation in August and have a great time. Thank You, Dr. Oliver

-Kay Tate

When Dr. Oliver took over my care, I was able to immediately distinguish a marked difference in his technique and style from that of other doctors of chiropractic who had preceded him. I am under a great deal of pressure in my occupation and it can, and does, cause extreme tension at times. I have always been able to obtain immediate relief with each visit to Dr. Oliver. He meets and greets each of his patients in the waiting room. He has an authentic concern for his patients. He has a warm personality and welcome sense of humor. Dr. Oliver, you are an excellent asset to your patients, and to the profession of chiropractic.

-Margie Altevers

Have you heard? There is a new doctor in town…Dr. Marc Oliver. When I relocated to Tennessee, I postponed looking for another chiropractor. When severe headaches and stiff muscles recently began to appear, it motivated my search for a good chiropractor. I called and made an appointment to see Dr. Marc Oliver. When I entered his clinic, I was greeted by Dr. Oliver himself. I found, upon entering his office, a warm and friendly atmosphere. I was greeted on a first name basis and treated as a friend. After a spinal exam and an in-depth consultation, which was at no charge, Dr. Oliver took X-rays of the areas of pain as well as other related areas. Only then did Dr. Oliver make any Adjustments to my spine. After only one visit with Dr. Oliver, my pain was greatly diminished. I am now receiving therapy along with my Adjustments, not only to help relieve the pain, but to finally correct the problems causing the pain. I plan to stay under Dr. Oliver’s care in order to maintain the pain-free health that chiropractic care has provided for me. There is something very “special” about Dr. Marc Oliver. This doctor cares very deeply about all of his patients. He has spent many years studying for his profession…but his care and concern comes from very deep in his heart. Today, everyone seems concerned about their health and fitness. I suggest that you take the time to see Dr. Oliver. He doesn’t just get you back in shape, he explains in great detail the nature of your problem as well as why and what he will be doing for you. You’ll not only feel better, you’ll know why! Welcome to our town, Dr. Oliver. I for one, am very glad to have you here.

-Debi Redden

Before I started chiropractic care, my lower back was giving me much pain. I couldn’t sit or get up from a chair without a lot of pain. I was also having headaches, tingling in my arms, neck pain, and upper back pain. Previously, I had tried a medical doctor. He just didn’t help in the way that Dr. Oliver has helped. Dr. Oliver took X-rays of my back and neck and then proceeded to Adjust my spine. I no longer have the tingling sensations, no more headaches, or the uncomfortable tension and pain in my back and shoulders. If you have tried everything else except surgery, which is the last thing that I ever wanted to do, try chiropractic care. I just wish that I had done this years ago.

-Marie Benton

My name is Percy Nelson. I am 80 years old. As of about July last year, I was suffering with a nagging pain in my lower back. My medical doctor was not able to find the problem and could only give me some medication that was supposed to relieve my pain. I saw your clinic while passing by one day, and decided to come in. After you took the X-rays, you discovered the problem and began making corrections. After a series of treatments, the pain was relieved and I was able to sleep well again and enjoy pain-free living. Dr. Oliver, the results that I obtained were positive and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me.

-Percy Nelson

I have been going to chiropractors since 1972 for a back injury that occurred from a fall off a stepladder. Due to the type of work that I do, laying brick and block, my back condition had been steadily getting worse. All the chiropractors that I have gone to have helped… to some extent. When I have a bulging disc pressing on a nerve, I am in pain and out of work for 5 to 7 days. I have to use 2 canes to walk with, and getting out of bed or a chair is extremely difficult and painful. On January 2nd, my back went out again and I went to Dr. Marc Oliver for the first time. The type of treatment that he used has never been used on me before. After only 2 visits with him, I was able to go back to work. I highly recommend Dr. Marc Oliver, as he is by far the best chiropractor that I have ever received treatment from.

-Al Marcotte

I vividly remember hurting my back years ago. I was working then and could not take time off. My medical doctor gave me pain pills which didn’t help all that much. He also wanted to put me in the hospital and to be placed in traction…I refused to do that. I continued to work in pain. I could hardly move at all, or sleep, or drive, etc. In May, I made an appointment to see Dr. Marc Oliver. I came to his office bent over double and in tears. He gave me an examination and took X-Rays of my entire spine. The very next day, after an Adjustment and therapy to my spine, I was able to stand up straight…with much less pain! I have now been under Dr. Oliver’s care for the past two months. I am still receiving spinal Adjustments and therapy. He says, however, that I no longer need to come in for treatments as frequently as I once did. Adjustments and therapy have enabled my body to be more relaxed. I sleep better, I feel better, I have no more muscle tension. As a matter of fact, All of my previous symptoms are now gone! I would like to add that that previously I had been taking at LEAST one sinus tablet a day…for the past 12 years. Now, since Dr. Oliver has been Adjusting my upper neck also, all of my sinus problems and headaches are gone! I no longer need to take those pills. Just as Doctors of Medicine have their place, so do Doctors of Chiropractic. Chiropractors deal with the nervous system, which controls your whole body. I plan to stay under some type of ongoing maintenance care…because it keeps me feeling wonderful and fit.

-Carolyn Anderson

My condition was serious. I had so much pain in my lower back that all I could do was stay in bed and cry. I could hardly walk, and couldn’t sleep very well either. I had gone to medical doctors [orthopedists] and they couldn’t seem to get to the reason for my problem. They did a myelogram and a differential spinal exam. They told me that they thought that I had a slipped disc. I was given physical therapy in the hospital and put on pain medication…neither helped. Finally, the orthopedic surgeon told me that there was nothing else that THEY could do for me…and that they tried everything that THEY could think of doing. At this point, I had gone through 17 months of agony! Then one day, I decided to see if a chiropractor could help me. I made an appointment. I was told by Dr. Oliver that I needed to have a set of chiropractic x-rays taken of my low back. Since I wanted his opinion of my problem, I decided to go ahead. When we looked at the x-ray films it was pointed out to me that my pelvis was one inch out of alignment. I was also told that it would take time to put it back into place with spinal Adjustments. Now, I can tell you that I feel a whole lot better since I’ve been under chiropractic care. I have improved a great deal. I have been under Dr. Oliver’s care for about one month. I hope that my experience will prompt others to try chiropractic. I got such terrific results! I think that this is the best form of health care.

-Debra Lawson

I am 75 years old. I had suffered for the past 6 months with pain in my neck, and could not turn my head in either direction. I assumed that it was arthritis, and that no one could help me. I tried some of my own treatments at home to ease the pain, but none of them seemed to do any good. I finally realized that I had to have some professional help. I decided to call Dr. Marc Oliver for an appointment. After x-ray films were taken of my neck, I began with chiropractic care. Now, after only 7 treatments, I feel like a new person. Thank you, Dr. Oliver.

-Gertrude Earls

I’ve suffered with back pain on and off for 30 years. Finally one day my very athletic daughter said: “Dad, don’t be so hard headed…it certainly helped me. Don’t you remember all the problems that I had when I was playing basketball in High School? Why don’t you at least go see a chiropractor and give it a try?” Who says you can’t learn from your children? I certainly did. My situation required an intense period of spinal adjustments and therapy in order to eliminate most of the problems found in my spinal column that were pinching nerves and raising heck. The treatment worked. Today, I have learned how to stay a jump ahead of my problem with a maintenance program. Now, I come in for an Adjustment and therapy once or twice a month. Do I still get back pains? Yes, occasionally…but now I know how to get rid of them in a hurry! Thanks, Dr. Oliver.

-Frederick McCormack

My left shoulder, and other areas of my body, were in pain as a result of a car accident last August. I went to numerous medical doctors, even an orthopedic specialist. None of them were able to give me any relief. I decided to try another approach. By pure “random” choice, I decided to call Dr. Marc Oliver for an appointment. After X-rays were taken of my spine, and an examination, I began to feel that this was the place for me to get help. I work in the Produce business, and it involves a lot of lifting and moving items around. My condition has improved to the point where I am feeling much better!! As a matter of fact, all the areas of my body that were previously hurting have responded to chiropractic care. I would also like to mention that Dr. Oliver always greets you with a meaningful smile upon entering his clinic. If you ever need chiropractic treatment, this is the place! He genuinely cares about you, and how you feel. More than this, I think that he is the best!

-Mattie Maxwell

My name is Rena Harris. I have been a nurse for about 30 years and presently teach obstetrics at a University. I have suffered for years with chronic sinus headaches. I’ve been to several medical specialists and have used many prescription sinus medications…sometimes getting temporary relief, and sometimes not. I finally decided to give chiropractic a try. Upon looking at the chiropractic X-rays of my spine, various misalignments were evident. After several spinal Adjustments, and other therapy, I am happy to say that my headaches are much less frequent and less severe. I also have had a problem with pain in my knees. The pain has interfered with walking up and down stairs and my recreational activities…such as bowling. Anti-inflammatory drugs have sometimes given me temporary relief, but I don’t like taking them. Dr. Oliver has also been giving me Chiropractic therapy for my knees. It has greatly relieved the pain. Now, I can go for several days without experiencing any pain at all, and without taking medication. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, you may benefit from Chiropractic care just as I have. Think about it.

-Rena Harris

I once had a severe burning pain in my mid-back and between my shoulder blades. I had gone to medical doctor after medical doctor. They ALL told me that there was nothing wrong! Then, one day, a friend of mine invited me to attend a spinal care workshop which was going to be presented by her Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Oliver. During his workshop, I listened and asked questions. Then, I recognized the symptoms that I was having. The workshop was very interesting and also touched on preventive care for your neck and back. Soon afterwards, I made an appointment to see Dr. Oliver for a spinal exam and X-rays. He later showed me the X-ray films and pointed out the problems in my spine that were related to my neck and back pain. Now, through regular Adjustments to my spine along with therapy, I can do things without the constant pain interfering with my everyday life. I hope that my comments will enlighten others about the pain-free world that people can enjoy by being under Chiropractic care.

-Tom Brandon

My name is Robert Horn, and I am a member of the Hendersonville community. I came to Dr. Oliver hoping to seek relief of severe headaches and shoulder pain. I also had severe chest pains which I thought were serious. Dr. Oliver was polite, professional, and direct about what he could do for me and how chiropractic care could be very affordable. After a few treatments from Dr. Oliver, ALL of my symptoms were gone! Before coming to see Dr. Oliver, I had been to several medical doctors…and they all prescribed medicine for my problems. After a while, the medicine seemed to dull the pain, but it did not correct the underlying problem…so I quit taking it. It’s a shame that the medical physicians did not refer me to a chiropractic physician, especially to Dr. Oliver. For you new patients, I hope that Dr. Oliver provides you with the relief that he has given me. I am sure that you will see the professionalism and talent which Dr. Oliver has as a chiropractor.

-Robert Horn

I am a licensed Nurse, and I work at a hospital in the area. I have had years of suffering from Migraine headaches, back pain, and neck pain. Recently, I started to experience numbness in my left arm which later turned into partial paralysis. I started to panic and immediately went to a medical doctor on our staff for help. I was given only a prescription for muscle relaxers and painkillers. The pills killed the pain alright, they also kept me from functioning at my job as a nurse…and from functioning well during my off-hours at home. Finally, I decided to go to a Chiropractor. I was treated in a very professional and caring way. I have now been under Dr. Oliver’s care for about one month…and all the previous symptoms which I had are all gone! Now, when I wake up in the morning after my shift at the hospital, I feel like a “million dollars”. To me, it is worth being under Chiropractic care just to be able to function mentally and physically versus not being in control of my mind and body as a result of taking numerous kinds of pills. Unfortunately, I have to hand out a lot of unnecessary pills and medication in my line of work. Never again, however, will I take all those painkillers and muscle relaxers after seeing for myself the benefits of Chiropractic care. Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and so forth…and I have been to all of them with my problems. I have never gotten the results from them, however, that I have obtained from Dr. Oliver. Thank you, Dr. Oliver, for helping me. I will do everything that I can to get my friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers to try Chiropractic care. Personally, I plan to continue being under your care for as long as I live in this area.

-Tina Rafferty

Over the past 4 years I have suffered with Migraine headaches. My pain was so bad that I had to go to the hospital about once a week for injections of painkiller. These shots would always leave me feeling drugged-up and drowsy. As soon as the medication would wear off, the pain would return. Recently, however, an even more serious problem had been developing…I had almost no use of my right arm. I couldn’t even raise it from my side. I had severe pain all of the time and all of my fingers on that hand were numb. This time, instead of going to the hospital and getting more drugs to cover up the pain, I decided to see if a chiropractor could help me. I made an appointment to see Dr. Oliver. After the second day of treatment, I could tell that there was a great deal of improvement. After 4 days of treatment, I have complete use of my arm. My headaches are completely gone! I plan to remain under Chiropractic care in order to get my problems corrected…and to make sure that they don’t come back. I would rather have Chiropractic any day instead of painkillers and muscle relaxers. Drugs only cover up your problem…Chiropractic corrects your problem. Thank you Dr. Oliver.

-Sandra Bottoms

I am 85 years old and a retired nurse. Recently, I have been having severe pain in my low back, hip, and down my left leg. I was unable to do my housework or drive my car. Since I live alone, I had a hard time getting my shopping done and doing the other things that have to be taken care of during the course of the day. I went to my medical doctor. He prescribed bed rest and put me on pain medication…that didn’t help me. Since I had been to chiropractic doctors in years gone by, I told my medical doctor that I thought that I needed to go back to one. So, I made an appointment to see Dr. Oliver. Now, after just a couple of treatments, I am much better. I plan to continue with chiropractic care as long as necessary. You won’t find a sweeter, kinder, more understanding person than Dr. Oliver.

-Donna Sagar

When I first came to see Dr. Oliver for a consultation, I had severe pain in my middle back. Along with that, I had also developed a problem with my breathing, as it was especially difficult to inhale or take a deep breath. I also had pain which spread from my middle back to my sides, headaches, and a stiff neck. I decided to try chiropractic, just to see if it might help. At first, I was very tense and afraid. Dr. Oliver, however, was very kind and patient with me. After my very first Adjustment to my middle back, I was able to breathe normally…and with no pain at all. Now, after 4 Adjustments, I feel much better. As a matter of fact, the rest of my other pains and stiffness have gone away also. I would recommend Dr. Oliver to any of my friends or relatives that might benefit from chiropractic care.

-Judy McDonald

My name is Carolyn Holt. Perhaps what I have to say may prevent others from having unnecessary back surgery. I was even told by a nurse, at the same hospital where I ended up having my surgery, that I should try chiropractic before taking a radical step like back surgery. I wish that I had listened to her, I think that my life would have been a lot different today. I had suffered with back pain for about 8 years. Often, when getting up from sitting, I could not straighten up. The pain was in the lower left area of my back and also down the side of my left leg. Whenever I would have this problem, I would go to the emergency room. The medical doctor there would always write me a prescription for muscle relaxers…and then just tell me to stay in bed for about 3 days. Then, one morning, I went to get out bed and could not stand up straight. My daughter carried me in to see my medical doctor. I was hurting so badly, that he sent me straight to the emergency room. After numerous tests, it showed that I had a herniated disc. I was told that the disc would have to be removed. Even long after the surgery, not only did my lower back still hurt…but my whole back hurt all over. It ached like a toothache. I went back to the doctor who did the surgery and he said that the only thing that he knew to do was to put me back into the hospital…and have me put started on physical therapy. I got this therapy everyday for two long weeks, They also gave me steroid injections in my spine…which didn’t help either. It just made me fat. On the very day that I was released from the hospital, I looked in the phone book to find a chiropractor. As it turned out, chiropractic was the solution for my back problem! I didn’t think that I would ever be free from pain again. I now realize that I must have spinal Adjustments every so often. When I do, I feel better. I have been under chiropractic care for about two years now, and under Dr. Oliver’s care for about a month. At the time that I had a consultation with Dr. Oliver, I had gone too long without chiropractic care. I had gotten all “out of whack”. I am doing fine now. Dr. Oliver is a very friendly and professional doctor. I hope that all the things which I have said about my problem will help others. Chiropractic gets results, especially if you get Adjustments on a regular basis. I am a very true and sincere witness.

-Carolyn Holt